Attention Women with T2 Diabetes
Discover 5 Ways To Conquer Carb Cravings For Better Blood Sugars
Without Giving Up All Your Favorite Foods
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About Me! Who Am I?
Hi I’m Karen,

I can relate to Type 2 frustrations with hunger and carb cravings. I love carbs and sweets also, but in order to manage my own prediabetes, I have had to figure out how to manage those cravings. Over the years I have taught many patients those same strategies and now I have included those strategies into my complete program for dealing with T2 diabetes, called Path to Diabetes Food Freedom.

After having diabetes during pregnancy over 25 years ago, I realized how hard it is to control carbs, but I have figured out strategies that work for me and have been able to use these strategies to prevent it. Helping others manage this is my passion and life work, and I would love to help and create a diabetes food plan!

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